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«Pozharskie» cutlets with mushroom sauce  and «Pushkin» potatoes

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«Pozharskie» cutlets with mushroom sauce and «Pushkin» potatoes

Famous "Pozharskie" cutlets became a legend already at time of A. Pushkin, who, in fact, glorified this delicious dish in his works. The specialty of the "Pozharskie" cutlets lies in the fact that they are prepared not from chicken minced meat, but from finely chopped selected poultry meat, generously dipping in special breadcrumbs and frying them in the highest quality butter. In Katyusha, of course, follow the traditions and prepare this dish according to the original Russian recipe, adding as accompaniment a delicate creamy mushroom sauce and baked fragrant potatoes with greens.

150/120/50/1 Б/Ж/У 25,2/62/42 g 828 kcal
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