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Ginza Delivery service has been working for you since 2007!

Ginza Delivery provides vast opportunities for rise and development for everyone from courier to the coordinator. Employee training begins at first working day and lasts all the time!

Ginza Delivery has its own training center, which trains all coordinators of Ginza Project restaurants. Skill to work in a team, leadership experience, right telephone sales — these qualities we are improving every day. We know that the service Ginza Delivery is successful because of our people. They are top-ranking specialists with a different experience, who always ready to teach and study.

Ginza Delivery service is a responsible employer. We care about our employees and offer an opportunity to rise and development. We create working environments in which everyone feels that his work is important.

We are the team, in which every employee has its own unique experience, knowledge and aspirations and makes their contribution to the development of the company.

We stand for open and honest communication, so we are always ready to listen and to hear everyone, who has something to say.

We recognize each employee because our people make Ginza Delivery the best food delivery service in Saint-Petersburg.

Thank you for chosen us!

Ginza Delivery Team.